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Dr. Henry C. Lee

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Dr. Henry C. Lee

Chief Emeritus
Connecticut State Police Forensic Laboratory
Distinguished Professor
The University of New Haven


 It has often been said that crime scene investigation is a systematic discovery and a logical process.

Most of the time the first person on a crime scene is the patrol officer, this officer can either "make or break" an investigation based on his or her initial actions at the scene. Sometimes, either through the lack of experience and training or the chaotic situation presented to the officer mistakes are made in this initial response to crime scenes. Mistakes made at the initial investigation are often times impossible to correct or overcome, evidence overlooked, evidence not collected or collected improperly can make the difference between a successful investigation and a case which remains unsolved for years. In today's age of forensic advances, minute traces of evidence, sometimes invisible to the naked eye can solve the case when placed in the hands of a forensic expert. Perhaps the most widely known type of evidence today is DNA, which has opened up a new world for the criminal investigator. However, along with that new world comes the added responsibility of properly collecting and preserving the DNA evidence. Advances in artificial intelligence and database analysis have now made it possible for convicted persons to be compared with evidence samples. Therefore, continuous education and training for law enforcement officers and the general public is extremely important.

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