Jane Doe No More

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End the Silence Runners


Support Team Jane Doe No More!

Introducing Jane Doe No More Team CaptainsJames and Vanessa

and all of our amazing runners!

Help us reach our Fundraising Goal of $20,000

Your support goes directly to helping victims of sexual violence

and education programs in your community.

Please donate to Team Jane Doe No More or

donate to a runner with a Personal Giving Page

by clicking on their name in blue below.


Diana Altobelli

Anthony Altobelli

Samantha Amoruso

Jadwiga Baczewski

Armond Barneschi

Vanessa Barneschi

Carleen Bell

Nicole Bernabo

Kevin Booker, Jr.

Chuck Boulier

Lori Brennan

Annery Brown

Violet Chrostowski

Marie Cook

Kimberly Crumb

La-Keya Daniels

Kathryn DaSilva

Tory M Davis

Tracy Digiovancarlo

Angelo "Guido" Digiovancarlo

James Duda

Jim Duda

Kayla Duda

Tammie Duda

Annina Foran

Laura Foran

Michael Foran

Sandy Fraioli

Dawn Fuentes

Stan Glowiak

Larry Graves

Nichole Guerra

Sondra Kennedy

Shannon Kievman

Brittney Kilfeather

Anna Kilikowska

Lauren Kougias

Nathan Kulak

Denise Leopoldino

Ellen Lester

Kathy Lewicki

Kara Lightowler

Ashley Lodovico

Chrystal Lodovico

Ally Macary

Diane Majewicz

Kimberly Markey

James Mckirdy



Helen Nye

Kendra Oakley

Irene O'Connor

Donna Palomba

Johnny Palomba

Keith Pigeon

Joseph Pinchera

Rob Polansky

Karen Prado

Iwona Pruski

Inga Lee Puentes

Angela Quental

Katie Richardson

Helen Richardson

Keith Richardson

Eva Rodriguez

Lynda Roman

Ellen Roth

Bill Sanford

Sondra Sanford

Mario Segal

Jessica Schaeffer-Helmecki





Jayme Sintay

Pat Smith

Bill Smith

Melissa Smith

Jane Spino

Diana Stephens

Jennifer Stone

Jordan Sypek

Dolores Tenedine

Lindsey Thompson

John Vaghi

Lisa Valentine

Kathyrn Walker

Margaret Weems

Jessica Wilton

Justin Wilton

Jennifer Zayas

Michael Zayas

Courtney Zieller

Andy Zink

Hannah Zink

Ben Zink


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Buy the Book


Jane Doe No More, the hardcover book is available for purchase.

100% of the proceeds from your purchase go directly to our programs and services.



Watch the 2 hour Dateline NBC show of Donna's story 'The Man Behind the Mask' at here.

Need Help?

National Sexual Assault Hotline
Confidential | 24/7

Contact Information

Jane Doe No More, Inc.
203 Church Street Rear
Naugatuck, CT 06770

Phone: 203-729-0245

Email: info@janedoenomore.org

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